Apr 16, 2008

Food riots, and starvation coming?


"As in all famines and plagues, the weakest suffer and die first; in this case we are seeing the weakest and poorest countries suffering first.

"The combination of being a poor country and also being a country that imports a large amount of their basic foodstuffs will surely prove most deadly; read the list above to see the first victims.
"Even the wealthy countries that are dependent on food imports will soon be having a very hard time as a larger and larger amount of their foreign exchange revenue goes to food imports while grocery store prices double and triple.

"But how about the exporters of grain and other food, such as Russia, Ukraine, USA, Brazil, Canada? Russia and Ukraine and other grain exporters have already slapped stiff tariffs on exports, effectively stopping them and thereby retaining a bread supply for their citizens. The USA, Canada, and Brazil have not; all indications are that they will continue to pre-sell their harvests to the highest bidder until there is no more food left to export and their own people are starving. At that point (next fall or winter, I'd say) the people of Brazil will rise up and put a stop to the business, while the people of Canada and the US will humbly beg their lords and masters for a spoonful of gruel; if that gruel is only forthcoming through slavery, they will embrace slavery. I don't think I'm being overly dramatic here. I expect to see mass starvation in the USA by next winter, but no revolution and little protest. The Americans will starve and die, still afraid to do more than whimper."

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