May 14, 2008

The great psychobabble from Japan (courtesy Roushan)

The great psychobabble from Japan (courtesy of Roushan)

This is a personality classifying test, showing – usually with quite embarrassing accuracy – what is important and what is not important to the person taking the test. Since no one can charge a fee for using it, it is unlikely to be adopted by any government agency. It really works, however, and is far cheaper, making no money for anyone, than the standard government personality classifying test.

You are in the desert. Your aim, obviously, is to get out of the desert. You have with you five animals, a lion, a cow, a horse, a monkey, and a sheep.

To give yourself the best chance of getting out of the desert, which animal do you get rid of first? And which others would you get rid of next, in order, please.

(For US viewers only: Separate answer section from question section when using test.)

It’s a personality classifying test establishing what things are really important to the subject. The horse is passion. The lion is pride. The cow is your basic needs, food, shelter, and so on. The monkey is your children. The sheep is your friends.

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