Jan 11, 2009

The saddest thing

The Gaza operation is an internal political exercise, without military objectives.

An election is looming in Israel, a fear driven country like the USA of the last eight years. Benny Netanyahu and Likud might easily win. We have to demonstrate our strong military posture, our credentials. We have this tank of captives, like trout in an expensive restaurant; and so Tzipi Livni (She used to be a civil rights lawyer? Wow!) rushes off periodically to Cairo to sit with pudgy Husni Mubarak and make sure the southern gate is kept shut, and the fish do not flood out, and well fed Mahmoud Abbas, whose term expires now.

We could try out some depleted uranium ammunition – go right through a concrete wall, that will, and some of those neat white phosphorus bombs, and bunker busters for the tunnels. We’ll show we’re tougher than Netanyahu. We can be trusted with defense.

Fear needs a meal to reassure and calm the hunger, and so the ghoulish sacrifice is made. The fish launch homemade barbs towards their homes, with Turkish era ownership certificates, now called Ashkelon and Ashdod. Real people have to rush into their comfortable shelters when the alarm sounds? Outrageous.

Not too many casualties on our side, public opinion won’t stand for it. No house to house inner city fighting – too risky. Carefully slotted in to the three week inauguration run up, Karl Rove style. Leaflets to say “Run, fish” to show we care. No military objective. We’ll show that Netanyahu up.

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