May 24, 2009

Patiently waiting

Patiently waiting – for the house of cards to collapse - Holiday letters to Coral

To: coralharmonyknight Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 15:03:42 -0400 Subject: Quote of the year: The child v the tank - Some good news

The German patent office have rejected an application for a “killer chip” for political undesirables. The chip, which the Saudi inventor suggested would be useful for tracking terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas, consisted of not only a GPS transceiver but an optional capsule of cyanide that could be remotely administered.

Implanted under the individual’s skin, the chip would generally be used to monitor their location and make sure they had not transgressed any laws or limitations on movement. If they had, however, the cyanide could be used to kill them without requiring police intervention.

According to the German Patent and Trademark Office spokesperson, Stephanie Kruger, the invention “will probably be found to violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law — which does not allow inventions that transgress public order or good morals.” The patent application was filed back in October 2007.


On Sat, 23 May 2009 08:43:16 +0000 (GMT) coralharmonyknight writes:

Not such great news:

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Subject:Pakistan ? the crisis grows Date:Fri, 22 May 2009 16:36:57 From:Oxfam To:"Coral Knight"

Pakistan Conflict Appeal :: Oxfam GB

We survived the shelling but five members of my family were killed. It was terrifying. We left everything and walked here. I’m worried about the children. They’re already getting diarrhea and could easily get malaria. There’s not enough water to keep them clean. Ahmed Gul, living with his family in a camp in Mardan

Dear Coral,

Recent violence in Pakistan has forced over two million people to flee their homes almost half of them are children*. Innocent families are escaping the conflict with only what they can carry. The crisis has received little media attention, yet it is the greatest internal displacement of people in Pakistan's history. With thousands more families fleeing their homes every day, we have already doubled our aid effort to reach 360,000 people. But we still need your help.

Many desperate families have made it to specially built camps. Others have been taken in by local communities, doing what they can to help. But this has brought its own problems, as they do not have the food, water, or shelter to go round. With 40-degree temperatures, and the imminent arrival of the monsoon rains, cases of diarrhea and malaria could soar. Simple hygiene kits, which include sealed containers to store water safely, antiseptic soap and water purification sachets, will help prevent the spread of disease.

$20 will buy a hygiene kit for 1 family, protecting people against life-threatening disease.

Working with local partners, we have started to distribute hygiene kits, and provide desperately needed clean water. But the situation is critical, and we are working against the clock. Please help if you can.

Yours sincerely, Cathy Ferrier, Fundraising Director, Oxfam GB


Necessary to keep the "Obama is a silly lefty without the guts and iron to defend us" brigade, led by Dick Cheney, ex-virtual emperor. This is one of Obama's softest points and he has to keep it well covered.

This necessitates, unfortunately, continuing to bomb the crap out of the hapless Afghans and Pakistanis, aided by the kind support of our ally Great Britain, loaning a surplus to requirements royal idiot to call in the airstrikes.

In time he may be able to let events force him to pull back a bit, but at the moment he has to convince every one that he's a real hardass tough military type, sort of a shame for the Afghans and Pakistanis being used as demonstration material, but there ye go, his own survival is the first necessity if he's to get anything else done, so it's necessary, capish?


On Sun, 24 May 2009 09:05:29 +0000 (GMT) coralharmonyknight writes:

I am not impressed with Obama after his recent meeting with the Israeli leader. What is the matter with all of these American presidents?

The way to show a backbone would be to stop trading with Israel.


To: coralharmonyknight Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 12:44:49 -0400

Simply that they - american presidents - find themselves in the grip of the corporations, which have a beautifully working grip on the entire government process through their cronies in control at the congress, the TV and communications networks, and above all the military, so that it becomes very difficult for them to do anything except what they're told to do. Obama's attempt to build a real US consensus, in the style of the Quakers or the Javanese royal court, makes it worse - he has to keep the crazies (inlcuding the famous "Ravening blood blattered Beast of Kraal," (aka Dick Cheney) inside the circle of the consensus, or lose them completely and turn into opponents.

The Israelis control vast sections of the US process – Avigdor Liebermann's pronouncement "The Americans will do what we tell them" is not entirely fanciful - and doing what you suggest, cutting Israel adrift, would be instant political suicide; he has no alternative to his current strategy of trying to turn the huge ship of state in a long curve to attain a slightly different more rational course than permanent control of the entire world. Netanyahu, you notice, has not given a millimetre, - the discussion of any peace process with the Palestinians is a waste of time, as is the two state solution, or any attempt to rein in West Bank settlements, which will continue at their present rate, and the only thing worth discussing is how when and where to attack Iran.

(Brit government showing even less backbone, by the way. Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, who owns much of London, not being used to having the proles tell him what to do, or the world having a good laugh at all the MPs resigning when their dodgy expenses claims are exposed, that is the smaller part. The duke and his cronies needed a way to prevent their own torture of their own citizens being exposed, and gratefully accepted an offer from the Americans of a letter stating that if the Binyam Mohammed investigation was not halted, the US would stop sharing intelligence on Brit Pakistani terror plots, which allowed Brit buggermint to say well in that case they clearly had to call a halt into the Binyamin Mohammed investigation, in which they were implicated up to their necks, of course, with MI6 experts overseeing and directing the torture. (If you ever wondered "What does MI6 do exactly?" now you know! It's a highly skilled profession directing and overseeing the slicing of genitalia with scalpels, what every proud mother would've wanted her son to be.) The Americans duly sent the letter which the UK buggermint can now wave around to explain why they can not allow the investigation to continue. So it goes.)


To: coralharmonyknight Subject: Comparative mythology for Coral


“Eppur se muoveri,” – No matter what they say, “It does move” Galileo muttered to himself as he walked back from the official tribunal where he had recanted his heretical opinion that the sun moved; the judges had already been instructed by higher authority how they would vote, so their conclusion was irrelevant. (Yup, that’s our world alright! That’s exactly how it works for us, too.)

I remain in your debt, Coral, for the brilliant quotation from Isaac Newton and Einstein in defence of astrology, wish I’d had that years ago, and so in attempted repayment let me run a little bit of the recorded history of our common ancestors on the cold shores of the Baltic past you if you have five minutes, well, call it ten.

The famous round table of king Arthur was essentially destroyed by the arrival of the Holy Grail, or Sangreal (as the people who want to read it as “Royal blood” would prefer.) The last “Grail guardian,” or Grail king, or Grail servant, whichever you prefer) was Galahad, the son of the famous Sir Launcelot, lover of Arthur’s queen Guinevere, who had been brought up by goat herds (Galahad, not Guinevere) and when Galahad arrived at court didn’t know which fork to use at banquets, and arrived at the round table, Galahad took the nearest empty seat, like a practical goat herd, which unfortunately was the “Siege Perilous,” the “dangerous seat,” that no one ever sat in, kept empty for the savior to come.

I say “destroyed the round table” because nothing was the same after the arrival of the Grail. Lancelot, for example, who used to be so unbeatable he had to register anonymously for tournaments to get a fight at all, suddenly became beatable by almost any yokel with a stick in his hands. Lancelot accepted his fate of being a general punching bag as punishment for his relationship with Guinevere, (his “grievous stain”) and more or less disappears from the story except once when he turns up at a town where a maiden was magically kept trapped in a kind of non-burning flame until the “best knight in all the world” should appear to release her. “Well,” said Lancelot philosophically to the townspeople eagerly waiting for him to perform the miracle, “I’m afraid you people haven’t been keeping updated with latest developments. I am no longer the “best in all the world” by any means – half of you could probably knock me down. So you’re obviously waiting for some other guy.” The townsfolk insisted however that he give it his best shot and in order to convince them Lancelot went through the motions, and of course the spell was broken and that maiden released from the spell and all the townsfolk celebrated and “Ever Sir Lancelot wept, like a little child that had been beaten” or so says Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur.

The reason I’m putting you through all this romantic rubbish in the famous “Matter of Britain,” the old British history, will become clear in a moment, I promise.

The actual appearance of the Grail was always as follows:

First and perhaps most important was that all those present were filled with a satisfaction of their deepest desires, a fate to be welcomed by all of us, I’m sure.

A procession appeared carrying a spear continually dripping blood into a cup held underneath it. For the ceremony to “succeed” required only for the Grail seeker to ask one simple and obvious question “What does it mean?” The fact that the question is asked is the only necessary ingredient for success. What the possible answer might be, or if it even exists, is never raised. Only the asking of the question is of any importance. Then the king is healed of his grievous wound, the waters are released, and the land becomes fruitful and prosperous again.

I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, Coral, to what I’m trying to say, and why I think your function is important, indeed the most important function of all, if the Grail legend is to be believed, of asking the obvious question. Allahyahfasik, more power to your elbow!

Update May 27, 2009

With the decision of the Bilderberg group that "the destruction of the US dollar must continue" and hoping that a calamitous collapse seizing up the entire world monetary system does not take place, the implied decision to forge ahead with a from the top down imposition of a global financial system and government seems set to go ahead.

The Russian and Chinese backed suggestion of a new reserve currency, replacing the US dollar with a basket of currencies, possibly backed by gold, or even "paper gold," the "Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)" of the IMF, appears a strong contender, whether the US agrees or not.

As for the possible Chinese acquisition of Hawaii and California under the eminent domain agreement made by Hillary with Hu JinTao, well, California is completely gutted already, with none of the Governator's hole plugging operations successful, and more people leaving than entering for almost the first time. No doubt China's experience in dealing with possibly dissident groups will come in useful in addressing the increasing native Hawai'ian dissatisfaction with their original incorporation by force into the US empire.

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