Dec 16, 2009

The biggest sleazeball of all

So what, after a year of violent politicking, is this health reform bill that President Obama offers? Its main result will be that everyone will be legally forced to purchase health insurance, paying a fine if they don’t (What happens to those with no money left unspecified) a deal admittedly made with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. (

This comes from a president whose mother had very cozy links with CIA affiliated groups in Indonesia, (see, and who on graduation went to work for a CIA front company called CIS who paid off his student loans. He acquired Senator Joe Lieberman, cousin of Avigdor Lieberman, as mentor and guide, and his election to the Senate was amazingly easy when his opponent withdrew at the last moment, too late to find a replacement. His acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize coincided with the dispatch of thirty thousand more troops to the poorest country in the world at a cost of a million dollars a head, bringing the total uniformed military from about 68,000 to about 100,000, in addition to the private contractor mercenaries like Blackwater who already numbered over 100,000. He also declined to bother with the traditional lunch with the king of Norway and moved on to the climate change conference, from which the African countries had already withdrawn, refusing the take it or leave it ultimatum from the rich countries. Game, set, and match.

What of the gains to full spectrum dominance of his country? Not good. The Chinese reaped the main advantage, with the opening of the Turkmenistan pipeline on December 14, 2009 rendering the Nabucco pipeline, the US candidate, a non starter.

It remains true that his election is a defeat for the racism that plagues America. It is also obvious that having an Algerian as president of France would be worse than having Sarkozy, a documented sayan (helper) of the Israeli Mossad, if the Algerian turns out to be Sarkozy in disguise.