Nov 20, 2010


The magnificently executed, Guards on Parade style, lockstep left swing carried out by all US media, print, TV, radio, of switching nomenclatura from US troops to NATO troops has gone without comment. No one seemed impressed, but I was. Wow. And all in the space certainly of two days, probably just one day. And without audible or visible orders being given, like the dog whistle that only dogs can hear. Impressive.

Coupla problems, tho’ apart from Katla. “Though unverified, a report by Anatoly Sagalevich, director of Deepwater Submersibles Laboratory at Russia's Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, said the Gulf seabed is fractured "beyond all repair," a potentially disastrous condition he called "beyond comprehension." Using one of the Institute's Deep Submergence Vehicles, his analysis was based on close-up seabed observation and analysis."

(This was after the amazing double somersault of the Russian administration, who, having unobtrusively been allowed WTO (World Trade Organization) membership, long a prized objective of the Russians, canceled their S-300 delivery contract with Iran, and rubbed salt in the wound by refusing them more than ten per cent of the full price they had already paid.

Barely pausing for breath, the athletic (Putin) ex-director of the KGB offered its services to the US in policing the troublesome Afghanistan situation, including not only transit rights for American supplies through Russian territory, but actual boots on the ground military partnership in an area where they had some previous experience. Neat. Their rear had been very satisfactorily buttressed by the Siberia to north eastern China oil/gas pipeline being constructed, and they could leave their partners back there to stir up some local pressures, which they have, and Hillary was very politely advised to go find a lake to jump into, when she tried to horn in on the discussion, which she did.)

Now the Russians are waiting impatiently for the ratification of the START treaty, checking on each others nuclear stockpiles, and saying “Well if you can’t sign a treaty which is the cornerstone of our whole partnership because you can’t control your own government, what’s the point of doing business with you?” Answer there was none.

Moody’s surfaced from sex and drugs orgies long enough to issue an AAA rating for Britain, so that teachers pension funds could continue to buy them, but no one was really listening, or seemed to notice. Dagong, the official Chinese rating agency got more attention for their reduction of the US AA+ rating to A+.

Many years ago, the Reader’s Digest published a story about the (future) King George the VI of England, but then a stripling princely midshipman drilling troops on an aircraft carrier. The railings had been removed, for aircraft landing. “On the command, Forward March!” The correct command was everything. The Prince of Wales, as he then was, was practicing giving these commands under the eagle eye of a sergeant visibly chafing at nurse maiding the royal idiot. George visibly had given the correct order for forward march, but couldn’t remember the correct word for the next command, and as the squad marched forward closer and closer to the edge of the deck, the sergeant could stand it no longer. “Well, aren’t you even going to say ‘Goodbye’ to them?” he yelled.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Wahyusamputra said...

Keen eyed watchers have suggested the whole performance may be theater, for the warmongering Yanks, thick as two short planks, not a chess player among them, to be healed over later.

“Speaking of his time with the Bedu in Arabia, [Wilfrid Thesiger, 1910 – 2003, crossed Rub Al-Khali (the Empty Quarter) said: ‘When I went there, I felt the difficulty was going to be living up physically to the hardships of their life. But, on the contrary, it was the difficulty of meeting their high standards: their generosity, their patience, their loyalty, their courage.’”

An experience many have shared in many places but rarely so openly admitted. They’re just a hell of a lot better than we are, at everything, those guys we’re slaughtering because we have to protect ourselves against these demonic, murderous Moslems, and now Buddhists too, says Glenn Beck. Hmm…. Something odd here.