Aug 18, 2011


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1. Money

A clear stream of sparkling nourishing revenue can be generated by the stroke of a pen. With a bloated Wall Street nervously sitting on mountains of cash, awaiting outcomes, the time is perfect for a say 1% (one per cent) tax on all financial transactions. Gordon Brown’s Tobin Tax would make a good start.

2. Jobs

America’s creaking decrepit infrastructure of roads, bridges, tunnels, sewers, piping needs to be replaced and very soon.

The workforce is waiting in large numbers and is currently very cheaply available, as are construction materials.

Rescuing and patching America’s neglected infrastructure will provide very large numbers of jobs for those sections of the population that most need it.

3. Debt

Among the most valuable gifts of God are intelligent women.

Ellen Brown is an attorney and president of the Public Banking Institute, Her websites are and

Her article on the national debt, shows how the national debt can be treated as a public utility, reversing the thrust of the debt, and producing a simple straightforward solution to the entire debt crisis and the kabuki (Symbolic Japanese drama) of the debt ceiling battle. Make it a public utility!

Any other business?

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