Jun 5, 2013

The Lightning Bolt of Compassion

A brief ‘Prayer that Spontaneously Fulfils All Wishes’ (Sampa Lhundrupma) byTerton Jalu Dorje (Do Khyentse)

O Guru Rinpoche, in your glory you embody Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,
Lama, Yidam and Khandro and all the Sugatas,
The sole refuge of beings who are without protection in this Dark Age.
Your compassion is as swift as lightning To treng Tsal
Maha Guru – wrathful Padma Heruka,
With fervent longing and devotion we pray to you:
Avert enemies, dons, obstructing forces, obstacle-makers, curses and spells,
Bring all negative forces, Gyalpo, Senmo and Jungpo demons under your subjugation
Grant your blessings so that all our wishes be spontaneously fulfilled.


Wahyusamputra said...

One of the most heavily documented facts about human brain activity is that the capacity of the human brain is typically used to the extent of 3 (three) per cent, leaving the remaining 97% unused.

Showtime! Let's see what ya got!

Analogous, you could say, to the massive majority of 'dark matter' in the universe. The unused 97% of the brain may contribute some unconscious hard wiring not immediately obvious.

Anyway, a study that ignored the towering moral model of Persia, is exactly like a study of the UK, Great Britain,that failed to mention the embedded bias towards Royal Family imitation. [i.e., useless.]

Ancient Persian history had two [and only two] parts: To shoot with the bow, [including all maneuvers such as mass archery, firing from horseback, and so forth, a lifetime's study all by itself.]

The second was magnificently simple: To tell the truth. [Yahoo, and Bravo!]

People blessed in being born in the upper levels of society, such as, for example, Arundhati Roy and Tony Benn are not thereby excluded from contributing whatever they may, gawd be thankit.

Wahyusamputra said...

P.S. I meant Persian "education," not "history," a slip of the brain, obviously.