Apr 5, 2009

The Lotus Sutra

The central message of Buddhism can be found in the Buddha’s answer to the question “What is good?” – “Whatever is useful.”

Devotees of the Lotus Sutra may use any methods, overt or covert, to fend off attacks on their manifest destiny “to enjoy themselves at ease.” It may be regarded as a duty, indeed, to do so.


President Ikeda's Guidance for Apr 2
Why are human beings born? This question has posed a great challenge. President Toda lucidly set forward his conclusion. Namely, that this world is a place for people to, as the Lotus Sutra states, "enjoy themselves at ease." We were born here in order to thoroughly savor the joys of life. Faith in the Daishonin's Buddhism is what enables us to bring forth the great life force we need to lead such an existence.

Events: 1958 Josei Toda, the Soka Gakkais second president, dies.

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