Apr 8, 2009

Obama's current kill rate #4

Where is the horse?
Where is the rider?
Where is the horn that was blown?

They have passed like rain on the mountain.

Note to ockr #4 -

“We don’t use horses any more.” “No, but the people you’re slaughtering do.”

This is part of a “Slaughtering the browns in an overpopulated world” program that has been running for many years, best illustrated perhaps by the US general mystified by the continuing furore over Abu Ghraib: “But they’re only Iraqis!” (See “Tight packing for the Middle Passage” in February 2008, at


No doubt the US general who said that is included in Obama’s effort to create a real all inclusive U.S. consensus, and probably still carrying out his previous duties.

Mr. Obama has demonstrated that a black man can, effortlessly, and in his sleep, do all those things we'd been given to understand could only be done by white men, on account of their immense superiority in intellect and experience, and that in and by itself is an immense achievement. Nothing will ever be the same with that much superiority without raising a sweat has been demonstrated.

One can only hope that in his careful efforts to bring the ship of state into a long sweeping turn Mr. Obama can and will moderate the "trail of tears and blood," the white man's preferred operating mode. And we don't have an awful lot of time.

P.S. Don't get trapped in AfPak (aka "Obama's Vietnam.")

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