Mar 1, 2010

Christian dogma

Both a census (“counting the people”) and interest on loans (“usury”), the universal basis of western commerce, are strictly forbidden in the Christian bible in half a dozen separate places.

The reason for this can be seen in our current situation. Interest on loans, or amounts payable, will swiftly rise to loan shark levels, and effectively turn a sizable segment of the population into debt slaves, generating social conflict and turmoil. (At the very least, the old Jewish custom of cancelling all debts once every seven years and starting again from scratch is a vital safety valve.)

Counting the people, an enterprise of no apparent worth, opens the door to manipulation of the numbers, subsequently employed in further political maneuvers.

As one of the founding fathers of the US constitution pointed out, the College of Electors is a vital safety barrier to “populist demands for equal property distribution, and other wicked schemes.”

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