Mar 3, 2010

Ultima Ratio Regum

“They have created a republic, if you can keep it,” remarked Ben Franklin as he walked away from the hall in Philadelphia where the founders were writing the US constitution, a process in which he declined to participate.

Like a flash of lightning suddenly illuminating a nighttime landscape, Madison’s remark (the College of Electors was designed as a bulwark against populist pressures for the equal distribution of property, “and other wicked schemes,”) illustrates that you can not keep it, and why you can’t.

The whole shebang was designed as a plutocracy, to protect the property rights of these eighteenth century gentlemen, with their slaves and servants, from the mob, that heaving mass of humanity always threatening them. It was never intended for people like you.

The property rights have now passed from gentlemen owning large estates to corporations owning even larger ones, but the property rights remain essentially intact. The question remains how to protect them against the mob.

If the pressures become too great, eradication, total destruction of the mob, becomes necessary, and that is what the US Air Force Drones program is quite openly proposing to accomplish. By 2087 no human intervention will even be able to divert it, according to the program.


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