Dec 19, 2010


Mr. Julian Assange, of WiikiLeaks, most strikingly resembles the Chinese gentleman skipping backwards in front of the advancing tank in the Tianmen Square events in China of a few years ago.

Mr. Linton Kwesi Johnson, of Brixton, UK was unquestionably correct: “There are wicked men in the seats of judgement.” We now have documentary evidence.

“The devil, that prowde spirit, can not endure to be mocked” says Martin Luther, and mocked he certainly has been. The fury of the movers and shakers, as they see themselves, is palpable, vindictive, and boundless. How dare the Irish vote seventy five per cent for independence – Send in the Black and Tans.

The demonstration that the most powerful state in the world, as they see themselves, can be, in a sense, brought to a shuddering halt, reduced to forbidding its citizens to read the daily papers, that even a single person can do it, is an unbearable humiliation. “The flame at the center of your being is more powerful than any government or king.” (Dean_Saor)

A brave man. The most ominous comment made by him was at the end of a recent interview, when asked if he expected to win his bout against the world’s super power. “That’s up to you,” he said. And so it is.

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