Dec 10, 2010


Amitabha, the pure light, the Unbounded Light

Buddha said: "There are five meditations. The first meditation is the meditation of love in which thou must so adjust thy heart that thou longest for the weal and welfare of all beings, including the happiness of thine enemies.

"The second meditation is the meditation of pity, in which thou thinkest of all beings in distress, vividly representing in thine imagination their sorrows and anxieties so as to arouse a deep compassion for them in thy soul.

"The third meditation is the meditation of joy in which thou thinkest of the prosperity of others and rejoicest with their rejoicings.

"The fourth meditation is the meditation on impurity, in which thou considerest the evil consequences of corruption, the effects of wrongs and evils. How trivial is often the pleasure of the moment and how fatal are its consequences!

"The fifth meditation is the meditation on serenity, in which thou risest above love and hate, tyranny and thraldom, wealth and want, and regardest thine own fate with impartial calmness and perfect tranquility.”


Wahyusamputra said...

The Dawning of Intelligence:

This dawning has been signalled by the settling of the decades old lawsuits against the Department of Agriculture for discriminating against black farmers, always a clear case.

As far as one can understand Mr. Benanke's strategy, he is pumping out more dollars and visibly looking forward to the time not too far away when he can stop dealing in trillions and start writing checks in the hundreds of trillions. (At $63 trillion for the current US deficit, that should bring that within reach, always providing the IMF and World Bank can hold the line and issue SDRs (aka Paper gold.)

So what woulod it cost to clear up and properly reimburse these black farmers? Your joking! Is that all? Pay 'em off quick. You know how long I could keep an F-16 on afterburners for that money?


So do it while it's cheap, for Gawd's sake.

Good! Excellent! Intelligence is always to be admired, and stupidity to be regretted.

Now, while you're at it, there's a couple of other minor ones to take care of, specifically Reparations. Call it an hour or two of F-16 on afterburners.

That should do it.

Wahyusamputra said...

As to the reasons for the reparations, please see
for a brief introduction.

For those requiring religious authority, this process has the blessing of the founder of Christianity, if you would care to read the Parable of the Unjust Steward in the Gospels.

The manager of a huge estate gets fired, ("dig I can not, and to beg I am ashamed") who becomes unexpectedly generous to estate debtors and creditors alike: 'A hundred? Call it fifty,'in preparation for his new career as a homeless person.

In case you miss the point the founder of Christianity relating the parable rubs your nose in the moral just in case you're having a bad hair day: "Study therefore the ways of the children of darkness, for they are wiser in their generation than the children of light."

All clear? Good.

The payment of Reparations would also give a very strong shot in the arm to those people in the world who see the Americans as the guys in the white hats, belatedly doing something to rescue the very tatty reputation the US has world wide. One of the very few things that could. And doing much to head off any future trouble making wish on the part of the black population. And it costs almost nothing. Not even a six hundred trillion check. What's not to like?

Wahyusamputra said...

The national mood, as the cold weather takes a grip, may be guessed from the fairly open planning to have anal cavity searches included in all the new bus stop search teams to be installed in order to increase sales figures for Mr. Chertoff's machines, which are said to "unzip your DNA," whatever that means.

Eid Mubarak, and Merry Christmas.