Mar 9, 2012

Schickelgrubr of the Thousand Years

I can remember listening to the speeches of Herr Schickelgrubr (he didn’t change his name to that of his stepfather, Hitler, until after the trip to Liverpool.)

The speeches were full of what Chaucer would call ‘high sentence,’ i.e., noble sentiments, on the nobility and heroism of the great German people, which did duty to explain unfortunate events such as the loss of an entire army at Stalingrad, now Kaliningrad, I believe. Skulls of German soldiers are still dug up around the area, and the top sections serve as ashtrays in fashionable dentists’ waiting rooms.

The Volk, the people, figured prominently in Herr Schickelgrubr’s speeches, (tho’ not the Volkswagen, or people’s car, the Beetle, as far as I remember, so tightly engineered you have to open a window before you can close the door, nor the spaghetti tangle of highways he invented that now exist everywhere.)

We were on the other side, of course, but there was no way of avoiding the speeches, any more than the pronouncements of Howdy Doody can be evaded in the contemporary USA. I remain thankful for the early experience in regularly indulging death penalty offenses such as listening to the BBC; it made later events familiar, or déjà vu as Americans like to say, without worrying too much. ‘We owe God a death’ as Prince Hal pointed out.

One of Herr Schickelgrubr’s themes was the establishment of the Thousand Year Empire, [das Tausend Jaehrige Reich] which he referred to regularly. In many respects, this shows similarities to the American Century, a boast rather than a fact.

Very recently discovered, a few years ago, is the fact that Herr Schickelgrubr’s full sister, Anna Schickelgrubr, his only known blood relative, was kept safe in a sanatorium throughout WW2. No doubt she received the best possible care, and the discovery was on the whole chalked up to his credit. To keep safe your sister, who may not be capable of living in the outside world, was understandable.

So much for Schickelgrubr. Apart from nightmare moments when the possibilities of cloning are considered, he is safely dead.

What of the living, and what in particular of these United States?

It is always a difficult task to winnow out the truth in any situation where one authority controls all the news media, or infotainment as it is now called. It appears, however, that the ruler of the USA did sign into law a regulation allowing him to end the life of any US citizen at his sole discretion at the time of the local 2011/2012 New Year.

(If this were not so, why would the US Attorney General spend quite so much time and effort justifying, by various subterfuges, the right of the ruler to end any citizen’s life at his sole discretion?)

This Attorney General was the legal advisor of a company found to have paid the FARC to bump off union organizers and civil rights activists that were obstructing the company, making him a person not perhaps suitable to be Attorney General.

This may well tempt some to give up the unequal struggle: ‘Blessed is he who expecteth nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.’

The better informed however will point to HB 1160
which records the vote by the Virginia Senate to refuse all implementation of that federal law, and forbid all co-operation with federal authorities trying to impose it, allowing the better informed to respond with, ‘Blessed are they who reside in Virginia, for they shall not be imposed upon.’ From the Senate it goes to the House, who have already approved the bill by 96-4.

No doubt the struggle between states and the federal authorities will continue, but a number of states are considering similar legislation; in Washington State, the bill is full non-compliance.

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Wahyusamputra said...

If Bill Clinton can sign into law a regulation forcing all single mothers to take chastity training, which he did as president, what is left that could be surprising?