Mar 4, 2012

What will happen

When all those troops being withdrawn arrive back in the States?

Well, for them, ‘Killing people is kinda fun,’ as a number of them have admitted, indeed just the real life version of computer games they’ve played for years.

Their first targets are likely to be the Latinos already being rounded up en masse in southern states for possibly being illegal immigrants, but they’re not likely to stop there.

You were not heard to complain when your Latino neighbors were being rounded up, and so it’s fair to assume you’re OK with the system.

They rather enjoy hunting down these two legs, two arms, torso and head types for sport, as you know, and then pissing on the corpses. (Who were they? Who cares, not important.)

They’re unlikely to restrict themselves to Latinos, however, and the legal framework is in place.

Something to look forward to among the tornadoes, floods, and drought.

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