Feb 17, 2008

Cookbooks ancient and modern

The coming of Anubis

The signs are as follows, the first one being the entrance into London of a giant replica from the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun of the jackal-headed Egyptian god of the dead Anubis, and the second being the mummy of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun being put on display back inside his tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt.

The importance of these events…lies in Tutankhamun’s and ancient Egypt’s adherence to the Cult of Amen which has subsumed Western Christianity for over 1,500 years to the point we see today that they have all become worshippers of the sun (son) even to ending their prayers with the ancient Egyptian invocation to this ‘hidden’ god of the sun by saying “Amen”.

If the ancient Egyptian prophecies are true, the sending forth by Tutankhamun from his grave the god of the dead, Anubis, does indeed presage a world destined to become one of death and destruction on a scale not seen since the last age when our earth was overturned.

Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that ‘depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.’ He quoted reasons of national security, and because ‘the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries ... Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of the U.S.’

By 1990, production for the Department of Defense amounted to 83% of the value of all manufacturing plants and equipment in the US. Only 17% of the US manufacturing base actually made products not meant to kill.

How to fix the game in three easy lessons

1. The mainstream media's attitude is perhaps best typified by the story of Fox News and the Monsanto Growth Hormone. A team of reporters, Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, researched the effects of synthetic bovine growth hormone on cattle and discovered that a great deal of evidence exists that people who consume the meat or dairy products from treated cattle can suffer adverse health effects. Monsanto got wind of the story and together with dairy associations pressured Fox News to shut the story down. Fox News ordered the reporters to change the story, the reporters refused and Fox fired them. The reporters sued and LOST on appeal when the court ruled that since there is no law requiring the media to tell the truth about anything, the mainstream media are within their legal rights to fire reporters who refuse to lie! As a side note, that legal precedent is troubling when one realizes that our national elections are counted by a privately owned company, owned jointly by the TV networks (who are not bound by law to tell the truth) and not subject to either citizen or governmental oversight.
(Compare Stalin’s “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.”)

2. Helmut Kohl, previously German head of state, was distinguished, among other things, by the fact that he never won an election in his life. Every time he personally stood for election, he was defeated by his opponent. Perhaps it was the stomach. Germany uses a hybrid proportional representation system, under which, in addition to the candidates directly elected, each party has the right to appoint a certain number of representatives, reflecting the total number of directly elected seats they won. Because of his eminence in the party, Helmut always got appointed to one of these.

Israel uses a similar system, and one of the purposes of the primaries of the Likud party, to make up the list of party stalwarts who would occupy appointed seats, produced a major scandal. One of the successful candidates was a woman no one had ever heard of, at least in political circles, who turned out to be the daughter of a capo di tutti capi of the Israeli mafia, and examination of how she had got on the list revealed that there was a regular trade in the sale of these positions. At about $400,000 apiece, if memory serves, that's a reasonable franchise payment to make for a juicy slice of divvying up the $4 billion per year that US taxpayers currently contribute to the Israeli coffers, apart from free tanks, missiles, fighters and so forth. The undeniable fact that these appointed positions were being sold, by the testimony of various witnesses, was the scandal, and involved Omri Sharon, Ariel's eldest son.

3. The US presidential candidates debates are organized by, and tightly controlled by, the Presidential Debate Commission, but it’s a private company, see? It’d be like trying to take the contract for the Miss World competition away from the company that has the contract. Private company set up jointly by the Republican and Democratic parties, the RepublicoDemocrats, you might say, but a private company with a contract nonetheless.

On October 26, 2007 Merrill, Lynch, (aka the “Thundering Herd,” reflecting their huge participation in US financial markets) announced that it was writing off entirely several billion dollars worth of financial securities rated on its books as triple A, (AAA), the highest level of sound value possible. If the rating system can rate as AAA securities that are in effect worthless, how reliable is that rating system? To go a little further, how useful is the official inflation indicator, which excludes food and energy, useful for people who do not eat, use no electricity, and never fill a car’s gas tank? It does allow the US government to state without fear of contradiction that inflation is under control, the official “core” inflation, useful for people who do not eat etcetera, showing a very small rise.

For the insurers to maintain the necessary triple-A rating, their capital reserve would have to be repeatedly increased along with the premium they charge. There will soon come a time when insurance premium will be so high as to deter bond investors. Already, the annual cost of insuring $10 million of debt against Bear Stearns defaulting has risen from $40,000 in January 2007 to $234,000 by January of 2008. To buy credit default insurance on $10 million of debt issued by Countrywide, the big sub prime mortgage lender, an investor must as of January 11, 2008 pay $3 million up front and $500,000 annually. A month ago, the same protection could be bought at $776,000 annually with no upfront payment….THE ROAD TO HYPERINFLATION - Fed helpless in its own crisis By Henry C K Liu January 26, 2008

As the home-mortgage industry continued to reel in January from the Countrywide Financial Corp. debacle, a federal bankruptcy judge learned that the company, in at least one case (with others suspected), had not only backdated crucial documents but fabricated them altogether and then told the judge the company was merely trying to be "efficient." A court had approved the recasting of a client's debt to Countrywide in March 2007, closing the case, but the next month, Countrywide "discovered" a way to get extra money and thus created three letters supposedly sent to that client before March 2007. However, Countrywide later acknowledged that the letters were actually written after March 2007 but that making up documents was merely "an efficient way to convey" information. [New York Times, 1-8-08]

GDP lies and statistics By The Mogambo Guru


Total Fed Credit was up last week by $3.8 billion, which seems like a lot of money to us proletariat working trash, but it is mere chump change to the American banking system, which can literally compound that money to infinity at their whim, thanks to the magic of insane levels of fractional-reserve banking and zero required reserves against new deposits or loans. In short, the banks are corrupt scum, just like always, and that is why history shows that all financial crises are always caused by the banks.

The biggest hubbub was when the GDP came in at 3.9% growth, thanks to a reported 0.8% inflation! Hahaha!

… the simple Occam's Razor-like answer is that it is made possible by the government lying its corrupt head off, and how this means that we ought to rise up in an angry, drunken, mindless mob and storm Washington, DC, in protest, and drag these liars and corrupt trash all out into the street and kick their lying, nasty butts out of town, down the road, and into a swamp where they would live the rest of their stinking lives eating bugs and getting eaten by bugs, which, even then, is too good for them.

Rex Nutting of the Economic Report explains …that in pure Orwellian bizarro gibberish, "Inflation was low because oil prices surged," which he says can be explained by noting that "In GDP math, sometimes one plus one equals zero."

At first, I thought that he was insulting me by expecting me to believe such stupidity - that price inflation would fall because oil went up in price, but he holds up the actual news article from MarketWatch.com, which confirms that "As odd as it sounds, the government reported that inflation was at a four-decade low in the third quarter, primarily because import oil prices rose so much."

And sure enough, there is the actual sentence, "If you don't understand that, welcome to the confusing world of national income accounting, where up sometimes is down, and where sometimes one plus one can equal zero."

…Shelley Smith, who's in charge of figuring the price index for the government's Bureau of Economic Analysis, …said sometimes the mechanical formula produces some "quirky, nonintuititive relationships".

"Most of the time," it is explained, "the government's formula doesn't produce any weird numbers, because the mathematical quirks all cancel each other out. But in the just concluded third quarter, it did produce quirky numbers that don't accurately reflect reality, even though they are correct from an accounting point of view."

And from that "accounting point of view", the way it works is that prices of imported goods rose at a 10.3% annual pace in the quarter, but that import prices are subtracted from GDP, and thus somehow subtracted 1.3 percentage points from inflation, even though the prices of imports went up! Hahaha!

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Note: The term “Cookbook” is taken from a science fiction story about the arrival of aliens from another world who rapidly establish peace and prosperity throughout the world. Their handbook “How to serve humanity” is cracked by some rascal of a hacker who is found rolling around in hysterics by his room mate. “It’s a cookbook.”

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