Feb 3, 2008

Gothic characters # 2 - Mr. Schickelgrubr, of the previous thousand year empire, aka Mr. Hister

[Note: The following does not mention that Alois Hitler was Adolph’s stepfather, not his biological father, and that the entire piece is therefore a waste of time. Blessed Bertrand Russell protect us! Adolph kept his full blood sister, Anna Schicklgrubr, safe in an asylum throughout the war. – Ed]


“The sole irregularity in Hitler's ancestry was the illegitimacy of his father. Because he was born out of wedlock, Alois Hitler bore the maiden name of his mother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, for a good portion of his life. Even after his mother finally married [his father], Johann Georg Hiedler, Alois retained the name Schicklgruber. Not until he was 39 years old did he reclaim his proper family name, which he spelled and pronounced in the manner which the world has come to know: Hitler!(3)

“Yet this illegitimacy in itself is not significant or even unusual. As the anti-NS historian Bradley F. Smith notes in his well-researched and generally impartial book Adolf Hitler: His Family, Childhood and Youth (1967):

“Although illegitimacy was frowned upon by the authorities, especially the Catholic Church, it was common in the Austrian countryside. In some districts, 40 percent of births were illegitimate. The figure for Lower Austria as late as 1903 was still 24 percent. An illegitimate child in a peasant household, therefore, was not an unusual phenomenon .... "(4)

“[In Graz, Frank claims that he learned Alois' mother had been employed by the Jewish family Frankenberger, that she had become pregnant while in their employ, and that the family paid her support money in later years on the assumption that the child's father was the young Frankenberger ....]

“[Perhaps the most widely-read recent biography of the Leader is John Toland's Adolf Hitler (1976). Ignoring the investigations into Frank's story by Der Spiegel, Bradley and Maser--all of which were available to him--and spurning any personal research into the matter, Toland says that Alois Hitler's father was probably a man from the neighborhood. There is a slight possibility that Hitler's grandfather was a wealthy Jew named Frankenberger or Frankenreither; that Maria Anna had been a domestic in this Jewish household in Graz and the young son had gotten her pregnant. (15)

“He goes on to cite Jetzinger as one source for this story, remarking that Jetzinger's book is "generally accurate." It should be noted that Toland [Ed.--1912-2004] may have a personal psychological motive for wishing to believe the discredited "Jewish grandfather" tale: He himself is a race-mixer with a Japanese wife and thus may be overly eager to project his own lack of racial integrity onto others.]”

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