Mar 14, 2008

Some little known facts about women

World wide women comprise about half the human population.

They put in about two thirds of the working hours, receive about ten per cent of the wages and salaries, and own less than one per cent of the property.

Women have a small fleshy orifice in their bodies – called “the Rose” by the troubadours – which is the center of most thought and feeling about them. It is difficult to imagine anyone declaring henceforth worthless a horse or a cow because someone had stuck a finger in their ear, but this is exactly how many people in the world go on about women.

The muscle that pushes the baby out of the womb is the strongest in any human body, not surpassed by any muscle in the body of the strongest male body builder.

“Women, money, and land are the three things men fight about,” say the Hindus.

“No one owns the earth. She is too old. She owns us. From her we come, and to her we return,” say the Africans.

Humans can not survive without the earth. The earth can survive very well without humans.

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